For Curlanistas

Curlanistas are curly girls of all shades and backgrounds on a mission to embrace their natural hair with confidence!

Our coils are popping in all shapes, sizes and styles. We love our looks and inspire one another to embrace our diverse beauty. We are the beautiful sisters of coils and we’ll use our new-found confidence to reach our goals.

“I struggled with loving my own curls. I was teased about my big hair and didn’t like my hair in its natural state because of the negative comments. Then I realized that those opinions didn’t matter because I loved my curls just the way God made them. I hope is to get all Curlanistas to love who they are and to wear their hair big, bold and proud,” Lexi P.

Join Curlanistas and pledge to be part of a fun, loving, and powerful movement! Our message is self-love and confidence.


I,________________, am proud to be part of the Curlanistas movement.
I promise to always wear my hair big, bold and proud.
​I will not let others control how I feel about my hair.
I promise to love my curls and treat my hair with love and care.
I commit to love, and respect myself just the way I am.
As a member of the Curlanistas movement I will spread love to all my  Curlanistas around the world!